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Can you produce base on our drawing?

Can you produce base on our drawing?

Update Time:2023/11/1
Surly,we can product base on your drawings.SunStone is one professional team with experienced members.The factory has advanced equipment that can produce according to your drawings andensure you can get the product 100% the same as your drawing.SunStone team with years of experience in supplying Europe and other countries with CE.Our professional team can meed your needs from whatever you need for mature stable standard products/customized service base on sample or drawing.Customized service is alway available for necessary material/surface treatment/size/package ect..Besides,our products and service can also satisfy your requirments for different scenarios-from furniture making to construction.From labor protection to Home Diy.After decades of research and effort in the field of hardware.,we have accumulated a large number of customers who have great trust in us.On the basis of providing services to existing customers, we are also continuously expanding new products and markets to maintain our competitiveness in the market.

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