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Sunstone Flap Disc Introduction

Sunstone Flap Disc Introduction

May 17,2024
Sunstone Flap Discs


A flap disc is an abrasive disc made from overlapping abrasive-coated flaps attached to a central hub. These flaps are usually made of coated abrasive material such as aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, or ceramic alumina.



- Flaps: These are abrasive strips that fan out from the central hub. The flaps wear away gradually, exposing fresh abrasive material.

- Backing: The flaps are adhered to a backing plate, which can be made from fiberglass, plastic, or metal.



-Metalworking: Grinding weld seams, deburring, rust removal, surface cleaning.

- Woodworking: Smoothing rough surfaces, shaping.

- Automotive: Paint removal, bodywork, refinishing.



- Versatility: Can perform grinding, blending, and finishing tasks with one tool.

- Efficiency: The overlapping design of the flaps provides a continuous supply of fresh abrasive, leading to longer tool life and consistent performance.

- Ease of Use: Generally easier to control and produce a smoother finish compared to traditional grinding wheels.


Common Materials:

- Aluminum Oxide: Versatile and cost-effective, suitable for various materials.

- Zirconia Alumina: More durable than aluminum oxide, ideal for heavy-duty applications.

- Ceramic Alumina: High-performance, best for tough metals and prolonged use.


Popular Items of Sunstone


- Grade AZirconia Corundum Blue 80 flapsFlap Size 28*17

- Grade BHigh-temperature Calcination of Zirconia Alumina Blue 80 flaps,Flap Size 28*17

- Grade CBrown Corundum Red 80 flapsFlap Size28*17


Flap discs are essential in many industrial and DIY applications due to their efficiency and multi-functionality. They simplify the process of achieving smooth and clean finishes on a wide range of materials.

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